About the Instructor


I have been teaching aquatic survival since 2015.  I have dedicated my skills to saving children from drowning.  My focus is on teaching infants, toddlers and young children proper survival skills in the water.  I am determined and dedicated to helping children have the confidence and the tools they will need to develop a love for swimming.  Swimming is not only recreational, but it is also a great form of physical fitness.


Aside from being the only Certified Infant Aquatics Instructor within a 100+ mile radius, I am certified in adult, child & infant CPR | First Aid

| Red Cross Certified Lifeguard | Automated external defibrillators or AED. 

I wholeheartedly believe this program can save lives of the children in our community.


Please feel free to call or message me anytime with questions, I would love to hear from you


Jeffrey Nichols