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Preparing your child for a lifetime of swimming

Swim Programs


Infants 6-12 months

Children that are crawling strongly and rolling over

Little Fish

12 months +

Children that are walking on their own


In the Stroke program, we add ARMS!  Student must be a graduate of our Little Fish program

 Group Classes

Little Flippers participate in a group class.  Students must be a graduate of our Little Fish program

Adapted Aquatics

We believe ALL children should have access to swim lessons.  

For children with disabilities

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Naturally parents want to make sure they are making the right choice for their child.  To learn more about the instructor, our programs and find answers to FAQ visit our Resources Page.


What are Parents Saying?

"I am so thankful for friends that have recommended SwimPrep! To have a 2 yr old (almost 3) with a complex heart condition and a history of febrile seizures, I was nervous to just trust anyone with my daughter who has never swam before or even gone under water. I can’t thank Mr. Jeffrey enough for such a wonderful job! He was so patient, passionate, professional, fun, and caring towards my super shy daughter. He always made her feel comfortable yet pushed her out of her comfort zone to get the job done. He not only cares for our sweet babies but cares for us as parents as well!"


"My daughter just finished her first swim class. The survival swim classes was everything I had hoped for and more! The way Jeffrey works with them and gets them to understand is amazing. My baby girl is 21 months and has no need for floaties. She actually fell in the pool last weekend. Her father and I were beside her but decided to see if her lessons would kick in. She wasn't happy about it, but she did exactly what she was taught. It was incredible to see my child be able to save herself after falling into the deep end of a pool! I can not say enough about this program. SO happy we did the lessons. Jeffrey and Rebecca are wonderful and we are so thankful for them!"

— Jennifer