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The Program

Our program is designed to teach your child to swim in weeks not years.  Our instructors use consistency and repetition to teach your child the skills they need to be safe and have fun in the water. We have successfully taught thousands of kids to swim. 

To hear more from our parents click here.  You are more than welcome to drop by one of our classes to see it in person. 

Senior Instructor - Jeffrey Nichols

Affectionately known to our swimmers as "Mr.  Jeffrey", is dedicated to providing parents and children with a vital layer of protection against drowning.   He holds many certifications:

Certified Infant Aquatics Instructor  

Certified Red Cross Lifeguard and Lifeguard Instructor

Adult, Child & Infant CPR Certified

First Aid Certified

AED (Automated external defibrillator) Certified


Jeffrey is the owner and founder of SwimPrep, LLC.  He is married with two grown children.  When he is not in the pool, you will find him teaching a workout at the local YMCA.  He also enjoys training for triathlons and Ironman competitions. 


Katy McCrory
Swim Instructor

Specializing in Swimmers 15 months - 3 years old

Katy has been a Registered Nurse for 10 years.  She is certified in adult, child and infant CPR.  She is also AED certified. 

Along with her vast knowledge of the medical field, both of her children have been through the SwimPrep program, so she can relate to what the parents are feeling and experiencing.    We are excited to have her on our team!

She's married with two children - Davis (3) and  Edison (1).  Outside of work, she loves outdoor activities, reading a good book, and enjoying time with family and friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my child learn in 10 minute a lesson?

Young children have a very short attention span.  Our lessons are structured to create muscle memory.  The short lesson time, allows the child to process the lesson without bombarding them with too much information too fast.

Will my child retain what they learn?

Swim lessons are like any learned skill.  The more you practice, the more you retain and the better you get.  We highly recommend swimmers take two to three Enhancement Courses throughout the year.  Those lessons are two days a week.

What if my child dosen't like to get their face wet?

Being able to put your face in the water is a vital part of learning to swim.  That is why we get that out of the way the very first day.  Once the swimmer grows in confidence, it becomes a non issue.

Where are lessons held?

SwimPrep Facility

2212 Howard Murfee Blvd, Prattville, AL



October - March ONLY

1546 East Ann Street

Montgomery, AL

Do you guarntee your lessons?

We stress the survival part of our lessons.  If your child is unable to  float on their back unassisted after the initial six weeks, we will continue to swim them at no additional charge until we are confident in their ability to float.

Should I be concerned about "Dry Drowning"?

The short answer is No.  For further explanation, check out this article from Nurse Practioner,

Danielle McBurnette.


What if we miss a lesson?

We highly encourage you to not miss any lessons, if at all possible.  However, we understand that sometimes 'life' happens.  During each session we have two makeup days. They are typically held on Friday's. 

Do parents get in the water during lessons?

Towards the end of each session

- week 5 or  6 - the instructor will let parents get in the water to show them how they can practice with their child.



We are happy to partner with the  National Drowning Prevention Alliance & Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning to educate and bring awareness to the childhood drowning epidemic.

Please visit their websites for more educational materials & resources.  While you are there see how you can get involved!


Drowning is the 

cause of accidental death
in children under 4


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