Before Registering, please contact us to receive your Session and Time Slot info.  You will need this to register online.
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***Release - By registering, I confirm, that I have received and read the Parent Handbook and understand fully the nature of this program. I give my consent to Jeffrey Nichols or any authorized SwimPrep, LLC representative, for my child to participate in this program. I also agree that any pictures or videos taken of my child while in lessons may be used for future SwimPrep, LLC promotions. The participant and family of the participant hold SwimPrep, LLC, their agents, employees and/or volunteers harmless of any and all liability. I understand and release the aforementioned entities of any liability. I hereby authorize any medical treatment, which may be advised while attending lessons. In accordance with SwimPrep, LLC Policy - I will provide a valid cc to remain on file until the end of my session.  I understand that my registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE.